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Pourquoi Teeyer peut réussir sur le marché de la Chine orientale ?

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Why Teeyer can succeed in the East China market?

Concentrating on the autoclaved aerated concrete industry for more than 33 years, Teeyer's footsteps have witnessed the upgrading and transformation of the construction industry from traditional to intelligent manufacturing. From independent R&D, design & manufacturing, to on-site assembly and commissioning, the "one stop, all around" comprehensive operation and maintenance service leads Teeyer a trully "intelligent" manufacturing but with less labor force in the core section. Beside, the high production efficiency, and real-time controllable production speed makes us more and more reliable in the AAC market. Teeyer’s production lines throughout the whole East China region will give a benchmarking explanation on this point, a integration, automation and intelligence are and continue to be the core driving forces of modern equipment manufacturing industry.

How does Teeyer’s equipment help clients to realize a high accuracy AAC block production line?

For block manufacturing and its sales market. The project was designed as two production lines, now the first phase has entered the stage of equipment installation and commissioning.

In order to meet the needs of customer, and help them to reap real project benefits as soon as possible, Teeyer’s staff arranged and organized efficiently. The on-site engineers actively participated in the installation and commissioning works of AAC blocks, and make the frequent but unannounced inspections to ensure project quality.

Teeyer not only pays attention to the continuous management of new lines and projects under construction, but also never slackens in the regular service return visits to projects that have been completed or even put into operation, to check if any improvement space and optimization items during a long-term operation and processing.

How is Teeyer's production equipment in construction machinery?

Relying on excellent whole-line equipment and lean production management, Teeyer produces high-quality blocks and plates that quickly accepted and recommended by the local and surrounding markets, forming a situation where supply exceeds demand, and the economic benefits are remarkable. Teeyer’s project management department visits regularly, grasps and handles various situations in the process of equipment operation in a timely manner, cooperates with the company's R&D department to continuously improve the quality of equipment, and truly achieves the synchronous communication with customers.

How does Teeyer achieve both environmental protection and high production capacity in the production process?

The inevitable waste material produced during the operation of thermal power plant, can be absorbed and used in the AAC production line, which developed by Teeyer. It is what we call energy cycling industrial chain of resource cascade utilization, material regeneration, and material regeneration, realizing the company's internal complementary advantages and efficient use of resources. Promote the implementation of the "double carbon" goal. At present, the whole project of the second phase is gaining momentum.

Le produit principal de TEEYER est l'équipement de ligne complet pour la production de blocs et de panneaux AAC.TEEYER vise à fournir aux clients une solution globale satisfaisante pour les produits de matériaux muraux.

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